Wedding Day Break-Outs

Although nothing can guarantee flawless skin for your wedding, the right management can greatly improve skin that is prone to break-outs:

See a Doctor and Devise a Treatment Plan. You could spend months jumping from one over-the-counter treatment to another with absolutely no improvement at all. When you’re on a deadline, it’s best to bring in the pros right away.                                                                  

Start a Strict Skin Care Regimen. A good skin care routine will include cleansing, exfoliating, moisturizing and sun protection, as well will incorporate treatment medications provided by your physician.                                                                                              

Book a Makeup Artist. If you’re opting to have a professonal do your makeup, now is the time to start lining one up. A good makeup artist can help camouflage breakouts, so even if your skin isn’t quite perfect by the time your wedding arrives, at least it can look like it is. The best makeup artists are busy, so book your date well in advance.      

Manage Stress. You’re immersed in wedding planning details and starting to feel the pressure. Many studies have shown a link between acne severity and stress. Try yoga, meditation, reading, running, or any other activity that helps you feel more centered. If alleviating stress doesn’t help your skin, it will at least help you enjoy the wedding planning process.                                                

Cortisone Shots! If break-outs flare up just before the big day, get cortisone shots. A cortisone shot helps reduce inflammation and flattens out those big blemishes, sometimes within a matter a few hours.Talk to your doctor about the possibility of having a cortisone shot done before you desperately need one. Then, if the need arises you can be in and out, without a big fuss.                             


Choosing a Wedding Photographer

Courtesy of Ragan Patterson Studios

Choosing a wedding photographer is one of the most important decisions that a couple can make when planning their big day. In all actuality, your wedding photographer is the one vendor that will provide memories that will last a lifetime. In this issue of Volare Tips, Ragan Patterson Studios gives pointers on what we should look for when choosing a wedding photographer.

1. Photo Editing. Photo editing is a time consuming talent, which can very well drive up the cost of wedding photography. Be sure that your photographer is transparent on how many images will be professionally edited. Ask to see portfolio images before and after the editing process. Some wedding photographers edit all images, some limit the amount of edited images, and some skip the process altogether. If the photographer does not advertise or mention editing, it is especially important to discuss their intentions. Proper photo editing is crucial in providing a beautiful end product of your wedding day, which should provide memories to last a lifetime.

2. View Wedding Portfolios from Beginning to End. In the digital age, it is quite simple to become a photographer overnight. Never choose a photographer based on a website portfolio of 30-50 beautiful images. Instead, ask to see their wedding portfolios from beginning to end. This request should provide you a realistic expectation of what your pictures will look like, which is ultimately what you are paying for.

3. Is your Wedding Ceremony or Reception Indoors? If your wedding ceremony or reception are indoors, ask to view several sequences of shots that the photographer has shot indoors. Natural light photography is beautiful, yet easily attainable. Many ceremony and reception venues do not provide enough natural light to consistently provide great pictures; a skilled photographer will know how to shoot in low-light situations.

4. Know the Photographer. It is of utmost important to know who will be responsible for photographing your wedding day. Some companies meet face to face and introduce the photographers on the spot, while others inform their clients within weeks to days before the wedding. Be leery of any photographer who does not meet face to face in the beginning of the planning process. Establishing a wedding day photography timeline is essential for a quality end product. Additionally, you should know how many photographers will be shooting your wedding. Wedding day details and once in a lifetime moments require at least two photographers, as well as two points of view.

5. Know the Photographer’s Storytelling Philosophy. A good picture tells a thousand words. Would you rather have 100 beautifully edited images that tell the story of your wedding, or 2,000 images that provide no rhyme or reason of your day? There are two general photographer storytelling methods; decide which is best for you:

The Shoot and Burn Story Method – The photographer will show you every acceptable shot.

The Engaging Story Method – The photographer will show you the very best shots in each sequence that expresses the story of your wedding day.

6. Read, Read, Read Reviews. Unbiased reviews will provide great insight to how previous clients’ overall experiences were. Reviews are also the ultimate way to find the best of the best the wedding industry. Be sure to utilize unbiased reviews on reputable sites such as The Knot and Wedding Wire.

7. Review Your Budget. When done correctly, wedding photography is extremely time consuming and therefore expensive. It is important to understand that high prices and a good portfolio do not necessarily correlate to a consistent level of high quality photography, which is ultimately what you deserve. Remember to stay within your budget, but know what you are paying for.

Save the Date Cards

Once you have set your date and established a guest list, you may consider sending save the date cards. Save the date cards are an excellent way to formally announcing your engagement, while politely allowing your friends and family to mark their calendars. They are also especially helpful if you are planning a destination wedding, or if your nuptials are being held over a holiday.

Like many aspects of wedding planning, save the date cards also require specific etiquette protocol:

Save the date cards may be mailed up to one year, or more, in advance of your wedding, however they do not replace a formal invitation, and should mention that a wedding invitation will follow.

Every guest who receives a save the date card should also receive a formal invitation. For instance, you must not invite a guest and later choose to not invite them. So, when sending save the dates, one much be certain of their guest list.

Save the date cards should be simple. All that is required are your names, wedding date and the location.

Save the date cards come in many forms. They may match your formal invitations; there are also many fun designs that show your personality. In our modern era, save the dates can even be emailed with links attached to a couple’s wedding website.

Angela + Joseph’s Historical San Antonio Wedding

This stunningly gorgeous couple said “I do” at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Little Flower. The wedding reception was held at historical Pear Stable, and Angela’s chosen vendors did not disappoint. DeVinnie’s Paradise provided top notch floral designs; Absolutely Delicious Catering did what they do best, and yes it was absolutely delicious. Bryan from Lumen Events rocked the party late night all the way to the Aggie War Hymn. It was a super night with long lasting love to remember.

Congratulations Angela and Joseph! Volare Wedding & Event Planning thoroughly enjoyed working with such a sweet couple and gracious family.




Pearl Stable
307 Pearl Parkway
San Antonio, Texas 78215

Florals: DeVinnie’s Paradise

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