Italy ~ Villa Mosconi Bertani

The secret is out! We love Italy and are expanding our services to plan destination weddings in the most fascinating country in the world. In the first post of our Italian wedding venues series, we visit the glorious Valpolicella in the Veneto region of Italy; located just east of Lake Garda in the province of Verona. Here the hilly vineyards of Corvina, Veronese, Rondinella, and Molinara vines wind through the small villages of the Valipolicella, creating a picturesque landscape that one can only dream up in a romantic fairytale.

Villa Mosconi Bertani

Within the heart of the Valpolicella Classica rests the elegant, neoclassical Villa Mosconi Bertani: the birthplace of the Bertani family’s Amarone and Valpolicella wines and home to lush vineyards considered to be some of the finest in the Veneto region. Since its sixteenth century origin, this elegant estate has been known for its innovative production techniques, excellence of its walled vineyards, ample space given for grape drying, and the extensive cellars ideal for long-term aging.

Corvina Grape Drying Racks

Although the term “Amarone” was not coined until 1936,  the Bertani family had been producing the same wine since the early 1900s under the name of “Recioto Secco” and because of this, many wine enthusiasts consider Gaetano Bertani the father of Amarone.

Volare Planning & Design was fortunate enough to visit the beautiful Villa Mosconi Bertani and meet Mr. Gatano Bertani himself. We were graciously shown much of the family home, living quarters, the wine cellar, and of course participated in an informative and delicious wine tasting, which was followed by gracious gifts from the ledgendary winemaker.

The most stunning space on our tour was undoubtedly the Salone Delle Muse (Chamber of the Muses).

The Salone Delle Muse is Ideal for Wedding Receptions Hosting 100 Guests Seated

The Salone Delle Muse is magnificent space for wedding receptions of up to 100 guests seated and 150 standing. Standing three stories in height, the lavishly decorated room features 18th century frescoes of stunning trompe l’oeil, figures of the muses of art and science, and an allegory of time’s flight depicting the four seasons; a clear reference to the agricultural setting and purpose of the estate. In the center, sitting amongst colorful flowers is the goddess Flora. To her bottom left perches Aestas, or Summer, painted in warm, bright colors. On the opposite side, in clear contrast, in dark storm clouds, are Fall and Winter.

The Salone Delle Muse

If your wedding guest list exceeds the 100 mark, the lush lawn in front of the exquisite villa allows for memorable vistas for guests to experience on a beautiful day with the vines themselves. And after dinner, you may pay tribute  to one of the most famous wine cellars in the world.

Villa Mosconi Bertani Facade

Villa Mosconi Bertani provides the perfect combination of Italian neoclassical elegance, the rustic ambience of lush farmland, and an undeniable respect of legendary winemaking at its finest.

Villa Mosconi Bertani
Località Novare
37024 Arbizzano-Santa Maria
Verona , Italy

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